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of middle school principal prian betts back in happened in silver spring. johnson was one of four suspects charged.., but got a reduced sentence for his cooperation.some now wonder iff he should have,unfortunately when young people choose a life of crime sometimes they they've served their time in prison and we're hopefiul that in some other cases young people learn their lesson from this tragic case and understand that many lives are affected by these kinds of crimes..ohnson was released in arpil.wednesday night he was shot dead inside a third floor apartment at this building in washington d.c. police say johnson and his unidentified accomplice... approached a man entering the apartment with the intent to rob him.police say they forced the man inside.. and there was a scuffle.they say the victim got the unidentified suspect's gun and shot johnson...killing
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on monday a similar incident - happened just blocks away.and, tonight police are looking into a possible connection. meanwhile brian betts family is reacting with sadness to the latest developments... saying they are deeply saddenee that after joel johnson was given a second chance...that he chose to continue to follow a path of crime... which ulitimately resulted in his death. joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:30. doctors say the student who was shot at perry hall high school is well enough to attend afundraiser to help pay for his medical bills. bills. daniel borowy and his family plan to go saturday to a "bon voyage summer" party on hart-miller island. doctors at shock trauma have taken out daniel's stitches and iv line... clearing him to take parr in the event.he was seriously injured last month when police say a fellow student oppned fire in the cafeteria on the first day of school. 15-year-old robert
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gladden has been charged in the shooting. ...and you can see all of ourr stories about the shooting at perry hall high school by going to fox-baltimore dot on perry all shooting" in the hot topicc section at the top of the screen crowds gathering right now at morgan state university, where first lady michelle obama is speaking at a fundraiser. fundraiser. you can see hundreds of people filing onto the campus this afternoon.... the obama campaign has been leaning on the first lady in the final weeks of the campaign to testify to the president's character and vision... a move governor mmrtin o'malley says has been effective. "omalley: iq: i think you can and first lady." lady." tickets for the 3 3lady." lady." tickets for the reception started at 250 dollars... the first lady is set to attend
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another fundraiser at a private residence. maryland health officials may ass for more oversight at plasticcsurgery centers.... following the death of a baltimore county women who underwent liposuction. liposuction. the monarch med spa in timonium was shut down this week after three liposuction patients came down with infections. one of the patients died.the state health department is now considering whether to ask lawmakers to free-standing surgery ition of - centers..... a move that would increase safety standards. right now, regulations are based on insurance billing practiccs rather than medical risk. taking... aim... at... animal abuse....// is... the focus... of a special summit... today... in baltimore county. county.animal... briefed... police and prosecutors... on... how to detect ... signs of... abuse..../they're... also examining... juveniles... (reever) "people understand there is the link that goes toward animal abuse and that's just a stone's throw away from when they start with human abus" abuse."the conference at stevenson the conference at
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the conference at stevenson university...was sponsored by the baltimore countystate's attorneys office. it's... the... day... "tekkies"... have been dreaming about... for months. .../ the... i-phone 5... is... officcally here! online... of... the... - i-phone 4.../ but... those folks ...need to wait... a... couple weeks... for delivery. delivery.joel d. smith takes us to the front of the line in timonium to see what drives some to wait all night for the "chance" to have the i-phone to! today! wwatever the reason43:00 for me its all about thee megapixels man4121 social nntwork, all your friends, everthing.most of these i-fans love the i-phooe so much, that waiting in line is an i-honor... but a few thers say i can't believe i'm here. 4445 i never thhught i'd ever do anything this dumb, but i did.lois bradenburg is buying an i-phone for her grandson... don't ask her about features. 4545 i have no idea, bigger screen , i was learning from
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thes gusys how to use it. what it does i have no idea. this version of the i-conic phone is lighterrand leaner, beeore to show more apps and better pictures. industry experts think it could seel 10 million units.the battery life is better too, with turn by turn directions and 3-d mapping. the "high school social status" feature is free. 4138 the second i walk in, everyone will be following me , the students the tearchers, the janitors will want to take aapicture of this.jason was first in line was here at 1am, just to make sureeone of the limited amount of phones at thissverizon store would be his, and at 8am, his wait is ov. over. 3 an hour later and the line that an hour an hour later and the line that was here, ii now gone. and iphones left... so for that guy that was here at 1am, was it worth it? 1913 7 hours, 7
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hours. but some will be waiting 2 weeks, or a month if they ordered online. 7 hours sn't so bad.i guess that's urs oneeway to look at it. in timonium, joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 5:00. the iphone frenzy was widespread.....even across different cell service carriers.take a look at this photo of the lines outside at&t in harbor east this morning. and right acrosssthe street at verrzonn.. the same thing.... with customers waating for the store to open. despite... this... craze.... the... new model ...has been met with ... criticism...//. apple... ditched google..., for its own mapping application... which is still working out... some kinks...///. critics say... the maps are full of geographical errors./.. often... displaying restaurants and shops... far... away... from their true location.../there's... &p also backlash ...over the need ...for a new adaptor. .../the... old... charging plug ...won't work on the iphone 5...// and... a... new one... will cost you... 29 dollars ../
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or... 39 dollars.../ &p if... you want one ...with a cord attached. how are the roads looking tonight? 3 ourrtraffic edge report. report. mappelairwilkensmapsfiber395 fox 45... is... now
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home of... the most... iconic game shows of all time. tonight jennifer gilbert takes success of jeopardy and wheel of fortunn. fortune. two very different two very two very different shows..... but they go hand in hand... like two members of the same family.(sot exec. producer) clipp40:15i have two daughrers and they're very different from one another, ss i''e had a lot of good training. jeopardy and wheel of fortune
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are taped on side by side stages at sony pictures television.they evee share a lot of crew members.....and the same executive producer. (sot exec prod)clip 402:544y job is challenging because the phows are so well loved and i want to keep them that way. (staadup)clip 8:30 this year seasonn that's 56-hundredd episodes of what's become the most popplar game show in the world.(sot pat)clip 153:06 somewhere along the line, this show became more than a popular shoo. it became part of the popular is the loogest running syndicated game show in television history...and a show... thatt makes people feel good.(sot pat)clip 154 24television has gotten pretty cynical. and everyon's oing on youtube to see somebody fall oof their bike and crack their skull, and that's fine, but we're kind of throw back to the days when things weee a little more civil, and i think that works in our favvr.jeopardy is in it's 29th season.....
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winning 30 emmm awards.(sot alex)tape #431:09:466hile we are a familiar program. the format is the same, and has been the same for almost three decades we have two new connestants every day, and we have new maaerial very day. (continues)tape #431:09:57so it's familiar, it's jeopardy was the first quiz g. show to go high def.....and tech.changing sii times over 28 years.(sot alex)1:09:37tape #43we don't want tt become stale. and i think that's one of the things that has helped us succeed over the yeaas. and havinn a show.... where people actually learn something.(sot exec producer)clip401:32i ttink there;s a really nice balance between of material being that which people can play a long with at home 1:41 the other part of it is, you see somebody respond orrectly to a really touch clue, and you go, wow, that;s impressive.
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after three decades.... the clues keep coming.... and the wheel keeps spinning.....(sot vanna)8:10clip15i'm so glaa that everyone is still pnjoying it at home. thank you so much for watching. keep watching.just what america has come to expect.((ot pat)clip 15 3:17it's kind of like the sunset even if you don't go out on your baacony every night and see it, it's nice to know it'ss ut los angeles, jennifer gilbbrt fox45 news at 5:30.ii los angeles, jennifer gilbert fox455news at 10. and alex, pat and and alex, pat and 3 vanna ren't going anywhere anytime sson.all three hosts through 2016.their contracts - 2006. and... remember... you can watch jeopardy every weeknight at 7pm 7pm wheel of fortune follows right after jeopardy at 7:30. 7:300 and would you like to be a contestant on wheel of
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fortune? the wheelmobile is cooing to baltimore october 6th and 7th... at the hunt &pvalley towne center. 3 center.hunt vallly towne center. 3 caught on camera... what surveillance video reveals about lindssy lohan's hit and run. "i thought for sure the dog was dead, without a ddube in my mind i thought the dog was d" ddad." a beagle survives a 70 foot fall.... what prompted 3 --adblib weather tz--
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of the incident... involving lindsay lohan ...and... an alleged... hit-and-run new york city...//. lohan... was arrested wednesday... at the after... police say... sse hit someone... with her porsche... and drove off...///. the video... shows a group of people... standing aroundd.. as... lohaan ...drives into the parking lot.../. watch... the top of yyur screen...../ the alleged victim... standingg in front of the car.../ and... moving to the side... as... lohan passes..../ her agent... dismissed the case... as... "much ado about nothing.".../// the ... troubled actress... is still on probation... for previous run-ins with the law. 3 the... search for the...the... search for a star... worhty of... a... 5 million dollar recording contract... continues... on the fox show... "the x factor". factor".candace dold is here to wrap up this week's auditions for today's lowdown. lowdown. the show is very different this year.there is still no host so everything is told
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through the eyes of the contestantt.threes one hopeful who is truly unforgettable... sot: hey simon.... you my boo.. i wore this necklace for you. i fought my way to get here. ive been sick with pneumonia. i just got out of the hospital after being there for 7 days. i wasnt from seeing youthat's panda. after that introduction, i really didnt knowwwhat to expect.listen in to her singing.nats: singingshe performed her rendition of "come on home." her bluesy tone quickly captured the judge's attention here's simons reactionsimon says: panda you sound like a legend...that was... i absolutely love you...i love you too simon. i always wanted a panda panda was seet through to the nnxt round.i have a feeling we will see a lot of her this season.i spokk witt the judges last week in los angeles and demi lovato told me her criteria hen looking for the winner.demi lovato says: i feel like the x factor is when somebody walks into a room and everybody's eyes go straight to that person because they feel that erson go straight to everybody's eyessinto a room and somebody walks factor isswwen demi lovato says: i the winner.when looking for demi lovvto told in los angeles and judges last week i spoke with the her this season.will see a lot of i have a feeling we next round. throuuh to the panda was sent wanted a panda simon. i always you...i love you too i absolutely lovv legend...that says: panda reaction here's n - simmns attention here's simons reactionsimon says: panda you sound like a legend...that was... i absolutely love you...i love you too simon. i always wanted a panda panda was sent through to the next round.i
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have a feeling we will see a lot of her this season.i spoke with the judges last week in los angeles and demi lovato told me hhr criteria when looking for the winner.the winner.when looking for me her criteria demi lovato told in los angeles and judges last week i spoke with the her this seassn.will see a lot of i have a feeling we will see a lot of her this season.i spoke with the judges last week in los angeles and demi lovato told me her criteria when looking for the winner.demi lovato says: i feel like the x into a room and everybody's eyes go straight to that person because they feel the presence of a superstar and i feel as if we are not only looking for someone with the voice and with the look. we also have to look for somebbdd that's really entertaining on stage you can catth "the x factor" next wednesday and phursday at 8... right here on fox45.i'm candace dold and that's your lowdown. 3 3 ---singing "and i....."--- i....."--- a star is born..... wwth an improptu perfoomance at the grocery store.the karaoke singer who's become an
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internet sensation.
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a karaoke performance couldd launch one girl to stardomm.. &pgirl singing singingthis youtube video... of a girl singing karaoke... in a grocery store has gone viral...//.her rendition... of... whitney houston's ..."i wwll always than...1.5---million hits...///.they're ...calling per... "random girl" online, .../ but... the folks at ...ryan- seacrest-dot-com... tracked her down...//. she's... from the philippines,... and recently signed with warner music group. 3 3 3 some rain could bb some rain could be moving in this weekend... then a cool off on the way. way. meterologist emily gracey for a look at the forecast.
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3 3 the ravens did a terrible job against eagles
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tight end brent they face the best in the game on sunday they can stop rob in sports... [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to our test facility to see if it worked. [ woman ] take a deep breath, tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. a clean house. my new car. [ woman ] go ahead and take your blindfolds off. oh!! hahahaha!!! look at all this garbage!!! [ male announcer ] febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. there are keys to every n-f-l
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matchup...for the patroits and ravens sunday night...the number one concern for the ravens...can theedefense stop tom brady from connecting to his tight ends... guy in particular... rob gronkowski. gronk set a n-f-l record for yards and touchdowns by a tight end last season.he's become brady's go to guy.... gronkowski is without other tight end... aaron hernandez. but the pats signed kellen winslow this the offensive scheme shouldn't change..what has changed... the ravens up over 400 yards per game...and last week tight end was an
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issue... 157 yards went to brent celek on 8 area of concern. 3 what a difference a year makes...what difference what a difference a year this time last season...the orioles were 29 and a half games out of first place...and the red sox had a 2 game lead in the wild forward to today... and it's the o's in playoff contention while the red sox are 19 games out of first... first...they have 6 games remaining with boston...and the red sox will have revenge on their minds...robert andino ended boston's season with this game winning hit....buck showalter said that win fueled this season's turn around... miguel gonzalez faces jon lester in game one tonight. against the birds...lifetime o's and red our high school game of the week... tonight on sports unlimited...
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its going to cool off sunday for the ravens game... whats in store for the rest of the we. week. lets check back with emily gracey.. 3 a dog... who... escaped... from her leash.../ survives... a... dangerous walk... on a bridge. bridge.suprisingly the bravv beagle made it out alive after falling á70-feetá from the new jersey bridge. 7-year--ll ábrandiá broke free from her leesh during her nightly walk. surveillance pideo spotted her walking on the bridge, avoiding traffic, but almost getting hittby cars. an officer than saw the dog make a daring jump off the bridge. ,,"i thought for sure the ddg
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was dead,,without a doubt in my mind i thought the dog was dead."///butt to//"and i was just sitting there, crying and hysterical, thinking im never going to see that dog again." again."the officer was amazed to see little brandi trying to swim to shore.hours later she was found hiding in the bushes... safe and sound. 3 that's all for fox45 nees at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be back ttnight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at
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